Handheld Technology For Science Education – Graphical Datalogger Probeware and Sensors

Data collection using modern data logging systems is revolutionizing the face of school science labs around the world. Information that was previously tedious to collect, subject to much guess work and often difficult for many students to visualize or draw any actual learning value from, can now be displayed in a clear, graphical and easy to understand fashion with graphical data logger technology, also referred to as probeware with sensors, designed specifically for science education.Using probeware technology and interfacing directly with the computer, these data logging devices collect information from a wide array of sensor types and assimilate it into easy to interpret, graphical representations. This information can be monitored while it is being collected or stored for future use. This makes the compilation of reports and presentations much easier.The real-time nature of the displayed data is also a great plus for these devices as information can be monitored as they are picked up by the sensors. This allows for a far more immediate view of the results of any experiment and a more accurate understanding of the implications and causes of the data that is being collected.One of the data logging devices that offers considerable benefits in the realm of physics, biology, environmental science and chemistry is the SmartSense Vision. This is one of a new family of compact, graphic dataloggers that can assimilate data simultaneously and is compatible with a broad range of sensors.These units feature a touch sensitive, full color screen to display internal software that mimics the PC software. This particular device has a USB port so users can connect most peripherals such as a mouse or keyboard. Data stored can also be printed directly from it or copied onto another memory device via the USB port.The most advanced of these new graphic dataloggers can also display directly through a projector or monitor for greater visibility and exposure. Sensors attached to the unit are auto identified and calibrated which makes the system as a whole quick and easy to set up and use.The use of lithium-ion batteries give these devices long charge life. The more advanced datalogging software is simple and intuitive and takes very little time to learn. This makes teaching students a little easier as they don’t have to deal with teaching their students how to use a complex system before they can start teaching science. Data stored on the device can be saved and then used directly from the software on the PC.Data collection is now, more than ever, an invaluable scientific tool with data logging devices such as the Vision. The graphic, real-time nature of the data collected is now easier to grasp and gives students who have problems visualizing plain numeric data the benefit of clear and easy to understand visual representation that can greatly accelerate the learning process.

Behavioral Science and Mental Health Counseling Careers Expected to Grow

Employment of psychologists and counselors is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2014, according to the Department of Labor. Sub-fields predicted to experience job growth include substance abuse treatment, vocational development, and marriage and family counseling.Behavioral Science ProgramsGraduates of behavioral science degree programs can take advantage of a broad range of career options. While almost half of today’s grads are self-employed therapists, many others work as counselors, researchers, and educators with corporations, health-care organizations, government agencies, and school districts.Choose a SpecializationYou can decide whether you want to learn observation and research skills, cognitive therapy, career or learning skills assessments, clinical treatment and interventions, or smoking cessation and weight-loss advising for behavioral settings. Behavioral science coursework also may cover the compilation and use of statistics, record-keeping and patient tracking software, and state and local laws concerning patient ethics and confidentiality.Develop Professional TechniqueDepending on the state and community where you study and hope to practice, your degree or certification program may arrange professional internships and observation opportunities where you gain critical hands-on experience that not only enhances your education, but counts toward clinical hours required for licensing. You’ll gain essential life skills as well as develop professional technique.Mental Health CounselingMental health counseling professionals can help change people’s lives. If you gain personal satisfaction from helping others and are seeking a stable, financially rewarding career, there are online college and university programs to prepare you for this rewarding area of psychology. Counseling professionals enjoy a wide range of job options and the abundance of mental health workshops and advanced college courses that bolster their careers.Broad Options for Mental Health CounselorsMental health counselors also find a broad choice in working conditions. Many take governmental jobs with state, regional, or local clinics and health care organizations. There are also ample positions with school districts, in private mental health practice, and with drug and alcohol treatment facilities.Because of the wide array of career options, you can enter the mental health field following completion of certification, associate, and bachelor degree programs. As you gain invaluable on-the-job experience, you may choose to pursue a master’s or PhD degree in counseling to advance your career and refine your specialty.Online Education OpportunitiesFor those entering the field od psychology or for those who want to advance a career in behavioral science or mental health counseling, there are self-paced, flexible online college and university degree programs at the associate, bachelor, and master’s levels that fit comfortably within your current family and work obligations.You can also find accredited college certification programs that can qualify you for wide choice of professions from drug and alcohol counseling, school counseling, family and relationship psychology, to group work and positions at community clinics.Whether you want to earn certification, your first degree, or advance your current degree, accredited online colleges and universities offer programs online to help you reach your mental health counseling or behavioral science career goals. Programs are specifically designed for individuals ready to improve their opportunities or change careers completely – all with the convenience of online learning.

There is a Science For Success

There is a misconception in most peoples’ thoughts that success, in whatever form it appears, is achieved through a God given talent, a superior intelligence or just having the fortune to be lucky in life. If only people realized that there is a science for success and it is available to anyone who seeks the knowledge to acquire it.And that is where the problem lies, we are not taught in school how truly to become successful. We are taught in subjects that for most of our working life, we will rarely ever use and if we do, it is unlikely to benefit us to any great extent. Even our parents, unless they have an understanding of the science for success, will probably be conditioned by the same way of thinking as most of the majority of people do also.We are conditioned at an early age to accept certain philosophies and one of them is unless you are lucky to be left an inheritance or in these days, one of the fortunate few to win the lottery, then you must accept the common teaching of getting a good education, that leads to a stable career and save enough for a comfortable retirement. We are told being wealthy and having the riches that this will provide is just fantasy and is reserved for only the elite.Like everything else that is going to benefit us and provide us with abundance, the truth is hidden well away from the masses. As with any science, to achieve the results we seek for our ourselves, we must first find a formula that works and follow it to gain the desired end result. The science for success is no different and many before us have implemented it into their lives and found by following a given formula, true success is well within their grasp. There is no secret to this, only the understanding and educating of ourselves.We must get away from the type of thinking that is going to restrict us in any way and be detrimental to our future success. It is in our own hands to find the personal success we all seek. The secret is to find it, utilise it and keep on educating ourselves to the possibilities that surround each human being. The science for success is not only for the chosen few but for anyone who has the drive and desire to put it into action.